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Cascina Sòt: wine tasting and winery visit in the Langhe

Do you want to spend a day discovering the secrets of the best Piedmont wines? Cascina Sòt will take you on a discovery of the great wines of Piedmont. Book your visit to the winery in the Langhe.

Established in 1975, Cascina Sòt is a winery in Monforte d’Alba that has been dedicated to the production of great Piedmont wines for over forty years.

The Vineyards
The Wines
The Visit

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It all begins with Maria and Giuseppe who, after having worked for many years as sharecroppers, decided to purchase the farm. With the arrival of their son Leonardo and his wife Silvana, the wine business grew to become the main undertaking.

Today, the company cultivates its own vineyards, some of which are located amongst the finest crus of Barolo, with great care and dedication showered on the vines. In this way, prize grapes are harvested before being processed to maximise the characteristics of each grape variety during the vinification phase. Hence, from a small cellar come labels refined down to the smallest detail, produced with the utmost attention and care paid to every single step.

The Vineyards

The Cascina Sòt vineyards extend between the hills of Bricco San Pietro and Bricco San Giovanni at about 350 metres above sea level. The vines are grown in clayey and limestone soils. By dedicating the best agronomic care to the vines, availing of low-impact products with supreme respect for the environment, high quality bunches are harvested each season. Following vinification and before bottling, the grapes are processed in the cellar, enhancing their qualities without ever hiding the characteristics of the territory in which they have been grown.

The Wines

Cascina Sòt produces marvellous Piedmont wines including Barolo, Barbera d’Alba, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Piemonte Chardonnay, Langhe Nascetta and Vino Rosato Tramonto.

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The Visit

Upon arrival to Cascina Sòt, a historic farmhouse with some 4 centuries of history that has been finely restored, guests will be welcomed by Maurizio, Lorena, Silvana or Leonardo who will accompany you on a visit to a winery in the Langhe. The visit is structured across three different phases:

  • The Vineyards: The estate owners will accompany you on a discovery of some of Cascina Sòt’s vineyards. In this way, you can discover the secrets of the wines, the differences between the vines and the processes, as well as the means for tending to the vines and land.
  • The Cellar: Following the tour of the vineyards, guests will have the opportunity to visit the Cascina Sòt cellar to discover all the stages of wine-making. It is here in the cellar that the wines come to life, being structured, developed, matured and refined. Having always been very attentive to the environment, Cascina Sòt utilises a heat exchanger that takes advantage of the low temperature of an ancient well to control the fermentation temperatures. For tartaric stabilisation, rather, the natural cold of winter is exploited, meaning there is no production of carbon dioxide.
  • The Tasting: After the visit, you will have the opportunity to taste the fruit of our dedication, toil and experience directly with the producers. We will show you all the characteristics and unique features of the wines, including how they are developed, how they evolve and how they are paired with food. Wine tastings are accompanied by a platter of cold cuts and cheeses.

It is possible to taste 5 of the following wines:

Piemonte Chardonnay
Langhe Nascetta
Vino Rosato Tramonto
Dolcetto d’Alba
Barbera d’Alba
Barbera d’Alba Superiore
Langhe Nebbiolo
Barolo Bricco San Pietro

Naturally, there is also the option to purchase wines directly from the cellar and eventually have them delivered to your home.

Cascina Sòt offers its customers various wine-tasting packages and cellar visits in the Langhe:

  • Visit and Tasting
    • Consisting of a tour of the vineyards, a visit to the cellar and a tasting of 5 wines, including Barolo paired with a platter of cold cuts and cheeses.
  • Wine Tasting
    • For a tasting of 5 wines, including a Barolo.
  • VIP Visit + En Primeur Tasting
    • Entails a tour of the vineyards, a visit to the cellar and a tasting of 7 wines, including Barolo, two varieties of which are not yet on the market (en primeur), paired with a platter of cold cuts and cheeses. The visit is made exclusively with the producer (you will be the only ones present).
  • Deluxe Tasting
    • Consists of a tasting of 6 high-end wines, including 2 Barolos.

All our wine tastings in the Langhe can also be conducted in English and for groups of up to a maximum 15 people.

To organise a wine tasting and cellar visit in the Langhe, Cascina Sòt is the perfect destination for you!

Book your visit to the cellar in the Langhe at Cascina Sòt and we will be happy to welcome you and show you the secrets of our wine.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or questions.